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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Treatment of ED at Manovikas Clinic Vashi,Navi Mumbai, most often includes biological therapy is in the form of medications. Non-biological therapy is also beneficial and includes certain physical exercises/ techniques and psychotherapy. Co-morbidity, if any, is treated simultaneously. We highly recommend consulting our sexologist Dr, Vikas Deshmukh for treating ED.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Also known as impotence, erectile dysfunction is a disorder in men where they are unable to achieve erection, sufficient enough for insertion in vagina. Some men have normal sexual function and have achieved penetration in vagina atleast at some point in life, but are later unable to do so. Some men, have never been able to achieve erection. It is one of the commonest of all sexual disorders.

Primary causes ED

The causes maybe organic or psychological or both. In young and middle-aged men, the cause is more likely psychological.

  • Sometimes, men may be unable to express their sexual desires due to anxiety or fear, especially due to moral prohibition or due to inability to trust.
  • Some men may feel inadequate or undesirable as a partner and these unconscious feelings may affect sexual function.
  • In an ongoing relationship, when the male partner is unable to communicate his anger or his needs in a constructive or indirect way, or there are relationship issues between partners, it may reflect as impotence.

When to consult a Sexologist for ED

Like any other sexual complaint, if the problem is recurrent or persistent or if there is dissatisfaction of the patient or the partner, consultation With a sexologist is recommended. Some patients may also have a co-morbid psychiatric or medical condition that may need attention.

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