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Other Sexual Disorders

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Other Sexual Disorders

Other than the Premature Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction, there are a number of other sexual disorders that are prevalent and need to be addressed, diagnosed and treated.

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder/ Hypo-sexuality:

The patient has deficient or absent sexual fantasies or desire for sexual activity, persistently or recurrently.

Sexual Aversion Disorder:

The patient suffers from persistent or recurrent extreme aversion to and avoidance of all or almost all genital sexual contact with a sexual partner.

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder:

The patient suffers from the inability to attain, or if attained- then inability to maintain, an adequate lubrication-swelling response of sexual excitement, until the completion of sexual activity. The diagnosis is made when the patient suffers persistently or recurrently.

Male/ Female Orgasmic Disorder:

The patient suffers recurrently from delay in, absence of orgasm, following a normal sexual excitement phase.


The patient suffers genital pain associated with sexual intercourse, repeatedly and persistently, not accounted by any medical condition.


The patient suffers from repeated and persistent spasm of the vaginal muscles, so much so that, normal sexual intercourse is difficult. The muscle spasms are involuntary and not accounted for by any other medical condition.

Dhat Syndrome:

It is a culture-bound syndrome, seen commonly in Indian males. “Dhat” stands for “semen” and loss of it in urine or whitish discoloration of urine, is associated by these patients, with complaints of loss of vigour, weakness and other bodily concerns. In some patients, an anxiety or depressive disorder may develop.

In addition, other disorders like Post-coital headache, Masturbatory pain, Orgasmic Anhedonia, Female premature orgasm, etc, may also be diagnosed and treatment tailored as per patient’s illness and demographic profile.

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